Why Choose Us

Delightful Dishes brings you the best of Trinidad & Tobago area of the Caribbean and American fusion cuisine to the state of Delaware and surrounding areas.

  • Trinidad & Tobago influenced
  • Food for everyone's tastes
  • Order individual meals or fully catered events
  • Affordable
  • Spices & sauces available
  • Authentic flavors

Our food is an infusion of Caribbean flavors redefining many American Favorites and bringing in cultures from Africa, Trinidad & Tobago and others. Food include white rice, lo mein, Mac & Cheese, Dumplings, and French Fries. cheeseburger, Chicken wings, BBQ wings, and Chicken soup. You Can also find items like Oxtail, various forms of chicken (jerk, pineapple, curry, stew), fish, fried shrimp, beef, Potato salad, Yams, sweet potatoes, Steak and eggs, Plantains, and rice and beans.

  • Flavors bringing together several cultures
  • Kid Friendly
  • Various flavors and spices
  • Best ingredients
  • Approachable foods
  • Several packaging options

Healthy drinks are a great compliement to our foods or a meal in-itself. Only fresh ingredients are used in our drinks and no artifical sweeteners or flavors. Our drink list is forever growing and can be custom designed too. Amazing combinations of flavors using ingredients like: Lemon, ginger, banana, strawberry, guava, broccoli, tamarind, cucumber, celery, mauby, sorrell, beets, Irish moss. carrots, spinach and many more to please your pallet.

  • All natural vegetables & fruits
  • Smoothies
  • Amazing flavors
  • Pickup or delivery
  • 8oz & 16oz sizes
  • Made fresh daily

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